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The SafeToOpen Online Security icon in your browser provides information about the status of every website you visit. To make sure you can see the icon, you need to "pin" the extension to your browser. Here are the steps to do so:

1- Click on the extension icon in the top-right corner of your browser.
2- Find the "pin" icon and click on it.

Once you have followed these steps, you should see the SafeToOpen Online Security icon displayed in your browser, allowing you to easily monitor the safety of the websites you visit.

SafeToOpen Pin

SafeToOpen Online Security

SafeToOpen Online Security pop-up displays the current status of the browser extension, including the number of unsafe visits and downloads. You can also check if your credentials have been entered into any phishing web pages by clicking the "Have I been phished?" button.

It is possible to put the SafeToOpen Online Security browser extension in standby mode, which will prevent it from analyzing any web pages. However, this is not recommended for optimal security.

SafeToOpen Pin

Configuring SafeToOpen Online Security - Settings

To modify the settings of SafeToOpen Online Security, click on the SafeToOpen icon in your browser and then click on the gear (settings) icon. The options available include:

- Enabling or disabling SafeToOpen alerts
- Enabling or disabling validations for malicious and suspicious sites
- Selecting the location for alerts
- Customizing pre-defined alert messages
- Viewing the last 14 days of statistics
- Checking a list of unsafe websites you have visited
- Reviewing sites that you reported as mistakes
- Resetting the extension, and more...

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SafeToOpen Online Security tracks the following information:

- The number of web pages that have been validated or verified
- The number of links that you have marked as trusted
- The number of links that you have reported to SafeToOpen
- The number of harmful files that have been downloaded
- The number of unsafe web pages that you have visited

Additionally, it provides a record of your visits to unsafe web pages in the last 14 days.

SafeToOpen Pin


You can customize how SafeToOpen Online Security validates the web pages you visit and how it informs you of malicious or suspicious links. If you are unsure about the settings, you can easily select the "Recommended Settings" or "Basic Settings" button. To ensure optimal security, please make sure the following settings are enabled:

- Mode: Active
- Protection against dangerous web pages: On
- Protection against suspicious web pages: On
- Main alerts displayed on all unsafe web pages
- Verification of files before downloading: On (available only on Chrome and Edge)
- Warning when clicking on unsafe links: On

It is not recommended to use Standby mode, as it will not protect your browser. However, it will still record if you enter sensitive information into an unsafe website.

SafeToOpen Settings

Trusted Links

You can add websites/links you trust to the Trusted Links in SafeToOpen Online Security using one of the following methods, which will prevent them from being inspected.

1- Right-click on the page and select the 'Trust this page' option from the SafeToOpen Online Security context menu.
2- Click on the SafeToOpen icon in the pop-up and then click on the 'Trust' button.
3- Manually enter the domain name of the website you wish to trust.

SafeToOpen Trusted Links

Reported Links

You can report undetected unsafe web pages to us using one of the following methods:

1- Right-click on the page and select the 'Report this page' option from the SafeToOpen Online Security context menu.
2- Click on the SafeToOpen icon in the pop-up and then click on the 'Report' button.
3- If SafeToOpen Online Security mistakenly detects a safe web page as unsafe, you can click on the 'Is this a mistake?' button and then click on the 'Report mistake' button.

SafeToOpen Reported Links

Unsafe Downloads

SafeToOpen Online Security is available for Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Brave, and Opera and can validate files before downloading, warning you if a known malicious file is detected.

If you still choose to download the file (which is not recommended), you can do so by clicking on the 'Download anyway' button. The downloaded malicious files will be recorded and displayed on the settings page.

SafeToOpen Unsafe Downloads

Unsafe Visits

SafeToOpen Online Security keeps a record of any suspicious or malicious sites you visit, along with the date and time of the visit.

You have the option to download this information about visited unsafe links and send it to an IT expert for verification.

SafeToOpen Unsafe Visits

Compromised Accounts

SafeToOpen Online Security will alert you if you have entered sensitive information on a known phishing website. This information can be found under the 'Compromised Account' section on the settings page.

It is important to reset your compromised account as soon as possible. For additional help, you can contact the relevant service providers.

SafeToOpen Compromised Accounts


You have the option to reset the SafeToOpen Online Security browser extension (if it is not managed by your organization). This will erase the records of the unsafe web pages you have visited, as well as any pages you have trusted or reported to us.

SafeToOpen Reset

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