Proven protection from one of the biggest cybersecurity breaches…


Phishing in cybersecurity is one of the most challenging and crippling attacks for global businesses and individuals, targeting humans. Tools can stop some cybercriminal methods, protecting a known list of phishing links (reported) by victims, but they can’t detect never-before-seen or zero-day phishing web pages.

Cyber-awareness programs promote positive results on human interaction using hand crafting phishing emails. Yet phishing web pages can be carefully designed to deceive even trained people.

About SafeToOpen

To solve this problem, we made SafeToOpen (safe to open). With our cloud-based services, we detect and protect you from zero-day phishing web pages in less than a second. SafeToOpen inspects all web pages you visit, the same way a cybersecurity expert would operate.

Our state of the art software analyzes all visual and invisible elements of a web page, instantly warning you if any malicious content is detected. Although we use threat intelligence feeds to protect our users against known malicious web pages, SafeToOpen is independent from the threat intel feeds to detect zero-day phishing web pages. 

We care about protecting others across the world, which is why we report newly detected phishing links to our technology partners.

SafeToOpen About US

Why we exist

We care about cybercriminals being caught and preventing disruptions to businesses like yours. Our mission is to:

● Protect people around the world from unsafe webpages.
● Provide sustainable security solutions for global businesses to always beat phishing battles protecting data, customers, and their brand.
● Provide the most advanced, reliable, and accurate phishing detection and protection services to our customers. 

Stop sophisticated cyber attacks before they hit your organization