Protect Your Brand, Staff, and Customers


SafeToOpen® is proudly based in Auckland, New Zealand. Started in 2014 by Maziar while studying for his PhD at the University of Auckland.

Maziar has continued to develop and enhance SafeToOpen to provide a unique service that helps businesses fight against targeted phishing attacks as generic threat feeds are inefficient. 


Our vision

We offer a service that enables your business to quickly detect malicious website targeting your brand, reputation and customers and eliminate them immediately, resulting in safer and more trusted business.

Our collective, coordinated efforts allow our customers to increase the variety and effectiveness of their phishing protections and countermeasures, which in many ways, thanks to the timeliness of our services, can now often be deployed before attacks are initiated against them.

SafeToOpen limited

SafeToOpen limited was established in 2014 in New Zealand. Our goal is to provide our customers with the world's most reliable phishing detection and email verification tool. 

SafeToOpen® name and logo are registered trade mark.