SafeToOpen detects never-before-seen phishing scams.

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Protect yourself and your family from new phishing sites for free. Our browser extension and add-in for Microsoft Outlook inform you when you come across a phishing scam.

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If you own a small or midsize business or provide managed service for your clients, use SafeToOpen to protect from phishing.

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SafeToOpen is the most cost-effective and reliable solution for protecting enterprises and governments from never-before-seen phishing websites.

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SafeToOpen in action

Scan a suspicious URL to understand how SafeToOpen works.

What is SafeToOpen?

SafeToOpen is a unique solution for detecting never-before-seen phishing websites in scam emails and social media in real-time. SafeToOpen also protects users from submitting their sensitive information in phishing websites. 

SafeToOpen Browser Extension

SafeToOpen extension notifies you when you visit a phishing website. It takes a few seconds to detect suspicious content on websites and show you a warning message with an explanation.

Phishing Protection for Outlook Clients

SafeToOpen add-in for Microsoft Outlook quickly examins all links in your emails against known phishing domains and notifies you once it has found a match. Plus, you can manually analyze links in your email against our scanning engines in a few seconds.

Why SafeToOpen?

SafeToOpen's number one goal is to detect never-before-seen or zero-day phishing websites even at the very first visit and protect users and businesses. 

  • SafeToOpen reduces the detection and protection times to win phishing battles.
  • SafeToOpen focuses on businesses to protect them and their customers from zero-day phishing sites.
  • SafeToOpen does NOT rely on the reputation of submitted reports of the phishing websites.

SafeToOpen Solutions:

Features Personal SMBs MSPs Enterprises | Governments
SolutionsBrowser and Outlook protectionBrowser and Outlook protectionBrowser and Outlook protectionBrowser and Outlook protection,  and log analyzer
Detection and ProtectionYesYesYesYes
SafeToOpen IaaS requiredNoRecommendedYesYes
SafeToOpen Managed ServiceNo AvailableContact usAvailable
Customized RibbonNoYesYesYes
SupportWithin 3 working daysWithin 1 working dayBased on SLA Based on SLA
SafeToOpen Threat FeedsNot availableAvailable

Top brands we protect

SafeToOpen identifies and informs businesses for new phishing attacks targetting brands listed here.
You can contact us to add yours to protect your brand now.

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