What is SafeToOpen?

SafeToOpen detects zero-day or never-before-seen phishing websites in a fraction of a second. 

  • The most effective solution to always win phishing battles
  • Protects from phishing websites in emails and social media
  • Provides worldwide protection against newly detected phishing websites

What makes SafeToOpen different?

Most cybersecurity tools rely on a dynamic list of reported phishing websites for protection. Hence they are unable to detect brand-new phishing websites if no one has previously reported them.

SafeToOpen detects never-before-seen phishing websites by inspecting the visual and non-visual elements of the websites in real-time and preventing users give away their sensitive information.


Personal Use

Protect yourself and your family against phishing websites with SafeToOpen Online Security browser extension for free.

Business Use

With the SafeToOpen platform, protecting your staff, data, brand, and your customer from phishing websites has never been easier.


Proactively protect multiple customers against phishing websites at once with SafeToOpen all-in-one platform.


SafeToOpen for government embeds all SafeToOpen services in one box for 100% security and privacy. 

SafeToOpen for personal use

To protect yourself from ever-growing phishing websites, use the SafeToOpen Online Security browser extension. SafeToOpen Online Security analyzes websites in real-time and notifies you if it has found a security concern for a much safer browsing experience.

SafeToOpen Online Security is:

  • Available for Chrome, Edge, and Firefox browsers (also Opera and brave browsers);
  • Available in 53 languages;
  • Suggests the best action to take once it has detected an insecure or a phishing website;
  • Free for personal use.

SafeToOpen Online Security in Action

SafeToOpen Online Security is one of the SafeToOpen products that can quickly detect zero-day phishing websites as you visit and inform you not to enter your credentials. 


Start Using SafeToOpen Online Security Now

SafeToOpen for businesses

Phishing is one of the most time-consuming challenges for almost all organizations. Current security tools and controls can only protect against known (or previously reported) phishing websites, which leaves a massive security risk for brand-new phishing websites.

SafeToOpen is an additional security layer around your current tools and controls that closes the gap of zero-day detection and protection.

SafeToOpen platform for Businesses:

  • Protects businesses' staff, data, brand and their customers from never-before-seen phishing websites;
  • Provides worldwide protection against newly detected phishing websites;
  • Can be integrated with current security tools (such as secure email gateway, web proxy, SIEM) for the best protection experience.

SafeToOpen is a new way of enterprise phishing protection that bridges the gaps between humans, tools, and process in a way that maximizes each in a unified program.

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