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Personal use (Free version)

Protect yourself and your family from new phishing websites for free. Our browser extension and add-in for Microsoft Outlook inform you when you visit phishing wesbites.

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Small and medium-sized business / Managed Service Providers

If you own a small or midsize business or provide managed security service for your clients, use SafeToOpen to protect from never-before-seen phishing attacks.

SMBs  |  MSPs

Enterprises | Government

SafeToOpen is the most cost-effective and reliable solution for protecting enterprises (and their customers) and governments in realtime from never-before-seen phishing websites.

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Why SafeToOpen?

SafeToOpen is the last security layer to protect your organization and your customers from never-before-seen or zero-day phishing websites in real-time.  

  • SafeToOpen reduces zero-day phishing detection and protection times.
  • SafeToOpen protects organizations and their customers from the latest phishing websites.
  • SafeToOpen does NOT rely on the commonly-used threat-intelligence feeds. SafeToOpen detects newly-generated phishing websites at the very first visit and warns users not to enter their sensitive information.
  • SafeToOpen can inform your security team who have visited and submitted their credentials in phishing websites.
  • SafeToOpen protects your staff's corporate and personal computers from the latest phishing websites on or off-the-network.

SafeToOpen in action...

SafeToOpen analyzes visual and non-human viewable content of webpages to detect never-before-seen phishing sites.

What is SafeToOpen?

SafeToOpen is a unique solution for detecting never-before-seen phishing websites in scam emails and social media in real-time. SafeToOpen also protects users from submitting their sensitive information in phishing websites. 


SafeToOpen Online Security

SafeToOpen extension notifies you when you visit a phishing website. It takes about a second to detect suspicious content on websites and show you a warning message with an explanation.


Phishing Protection for Outlook Clients

SafeToOpen add-in for Microsoft Outlook quickly examines all links in your emails against known phishing domains and notifies you once it has found a match. 

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