Protect your external customers from phishing sites impersonating your brands.

How best can you protect your customers from phishing emails impersonating your business?
Phishing emails targeting your brand are sent to your customers, and none of the security controls and practices can be effective in protecting your customers.

With SafeToOpen, your customers can verify their suspicious emails targeting your brand and business in less than a minute. SafeToOpen External Email Verification is:

  • Extremely easy to use
  • Fast yet accurate
  • Fully customizable
  • Saves your customers and your security team a lot of time

How Does SafeToOpen External Email Verification Work?


Forwarding a suspicious email

Your customers need to forward their suspicious emails targeting your brand to an email address owned by your business. E.g., [email protected]_domain_name. You will need to install the SafeToOpen portal in your environment (such as Azure, AWS, etc.) and configure it to receive and send emails from [email protected]_domain_name email account.


Verifying the reported email

SafeToOpen portal installed in your network verifies all links in the body and the attachments of the reported emails and compares them against your owned domain names, your trusted domain names (such as your business partners), and previously detected phishing links targeting your business. It then populates an email reply and sends it to the person who reported the malicious email.


Informing the customer

SafeToOpen replies to the sender of suspicious emails with the best possible action. For example, if the email had a known phishing link, SafeToOpen informs the user not to click on the link. You can customize the email response templates to best represent your brand. The response email may contain an attached screenshot of the body of the reported email that highlights unsafe links.


Notifying your security team

Phishing emails targeting your business are sent to your customers. SafeToOpen analyses all links in the reported suspicious emails, even after it replies to the user, and notify your security team to take quick action once it has detected a never-before-seen phishing site targeting your brand/business.

Email Reply with an Attachment

Not only SafeToOpen Email Verification informs your customer their reported email was unsafe, but it also highlights the unsafe links in the body of the original email to ensure your customers do not click on the highlighted links. Please note that you can change the colour, template and text in the highlighted unsafe link using the SafeToOpen portal.

Also, SafeToOpen may provide screenshot attachments for links that it couldn't verify because the links are neither owned nor trusted by your business. In this way, your customers know that they will need to proceed with caution. 


SafeToOpen External Email Verification is the first and only step in protecting your customers.

Would you be interested in testing the SafeToOpen External Email Verification? It takes about 10 minutes to set up a Proof of Concept! Contact us for a demo and set up a Proof of Concept.


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