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We provide you with the most accurate and fastest phishing detection and protection solution.


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Focus on your business while we protect your staff from the latest phishing attacks.

We protect your organization from a variety of phishing attacks including but not limited to Microsoft Office 365, Google G-Suit.

Phishing Detection

SafeToOpen products help to identify when it is safe to submit your password to a website and when it is not.


We do not allow your staff to enter their credentials in a verified phishing site. We redirect them to a safe site as soon as they start typing their information.

Fastest onboarding

All you need is to install or deploy our extensions in your environment and you are ready to go.

Common Questions:

  • I want to protect my small business from phishing attacks. What should I do? If your business is small, you can still protect from phishing attacks with our extensions for free. You just need to install or deploy our extensions on all computers. 
  • I have a medium-sized business or I need access to the SafeToOpen dashboard. What do I need to do to protect my organization? There are 2 quick steps: (Step 1) Install/deploy our extensions in your environment, (step 2) Deploy our free Virtual Machine in your Microsoft Azure or Amazon AWS Cloud environment. 
  • Can I get a 3rd party cybersecurity provider to manage SafeToOpen for me? Yes. Our SafeToOpen instance allows the delegation of managing SafeToOpen to any party chosen by you.
  • Does SafeToOpen offer phishing protection as a managed service? Yes, please contact us for more details.
  • What do I get by having access to the SafeToOpen dashboard? Our dashboard brings more visibility around phishing activities in your organization. You can see who/when visited a phishing or suspicious link and also who has entered and submitted their credentials in that link. You can whitelist or blacklist any URLs in real-time, define a set of policies that change the SafeToOpen extension, and many more.

SafeToOpen Dashboard

Installation Status

Phishing/suspicious Websites

Phishing Reports

Edit Extension Policies and Ribbon Theme

SafeToOpen Settings

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