Report Your Phishing Emails to Us

You can report your phishing emails to us to protect others in different ways. 

1- Forward the Phishing Email to Us.

Please forward your phishing emails to, and we response to your emails as soon as possible. 

At this stage, our response to your reported emails is limited to the following languages and countries. We are working hard to expand our services to cover more languages and countries.


Supported languages and countries*

- English
- Spanish

- United States
- Canada
- United Kingdom
- Australia
- New Zealand
- Mexico
- Colombia
- Spain
- Argentina
- PerĂº
- Venezuela
- Chile
- Ecuador
- Guatemala
- Cuba
- Bolivia
- Dominican Republic
- Honduras
- Paraguay
- El Salvador
- Nicaragua
- Costa Rica
- Panama
- Uruguay
- Puerto Rico
- Equatorial Guinea

* If your country or language is not listed here, we are unable to provide you with a response. But we still analyze your email to protect others and your local businesses.

2- Easiest way to report a phishing URL to us.

You can use SafeToOpen Online Security extensions to quickly report a phishing site to us. 

Google Chrome

Microsoft New Edge

Mozilla Firefox


Canada: 9251 Young Street, Suite 8262, Richmond Hill, ON L4C 9T3, Canada
New Zealand: PO Box 34411, Birkenhead, Auckland, 0746, New Zealand


USA/Canada: +1 (716) 2266628
United Kingdom:
+44 (020) 8638 0906
Australia: +61 (02) 8003 3555
New Zealand: +64 (09) 418 2222


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