SafeToOpen Protection helps protect over four billion devices every day when they attempt to navigate to phishing websites reported by SafeToOpen.

Protects over 4 billion devices

Protect your customers from phishing websites impersonating your business.

All major browsers

The reported phishing websites are blocked on the major browsers on all devices and operating systems.

Less than an hour

It takes about an hour for reported phishing websites to be blocked worldwide.

Protection for all

SafeToOpen Protection helps protect phishing websites targeting your brand, staff, and customers on all major browsers.

When you report phishing websites to us, we immediately block them on our platform after careful validation. We also report validated phishing websites to our partners for global protection. It takes less than an hour for the reported URLs to be blocked on more than 4 billion devices.

SafeToOpen Protection is the most effective method of protection from newly detected phishing websites.

report phishing

Traditional Protection Process

Once businesses have identified a phishing website targeting their brand, they issue a takedown request. Quite often, they use a third-party service to perform this cumbersome task on their behalf.

It takes a few hours to prepare the takedown request, and when it is issued, it may take several hours to even days for the phishing websites to be taken down.

The slow speed of response to phishing incident put businesses at risk of having their reputation damaged.

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Start today. Discover a new approach to protect your business.

SafeToOpen Protection is available individually or in conjunction with other SafeToOpen products.


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