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Online brand protection and phishing detection

SafeToOpen has successfully safeguarded over 1000 organizations worldwide from phishing web pages that were previously unknown. To understand how we do that, click here.

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SafeToOpen Business Profile

A business profile is a collection of visual elements and unique information that describes your business. For example, your logo is unique, and so is your domain name.

Business Profiles enable SafeToOpen to identify never-before-seen phishing website pages without the need for threat intelligence feeds or reputations of malicious links.

There are two types of Business Profiles in SafeToOpen:

1. Local Business Profiles
SafeToOpen Profile Matching compares the visual elements of web pages against only the business profiles within the same geographical area.

For example, SafeToOpen Profile Matching will not compare locally protected Business Profiles in Spain for users in Australia. Local Protected Profiles help detect phishing web pages targeting local businesses, speed up phishing detection, and reduce false positives.

2. Global Business Profiles
SafeToOpen Profile Matching compares the visual elements of web pages against all global business profiles.

Examples of this are Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Microsoft, and Netflix, as they’re used worldwide.  

SafeToOpen Business Profile

Phishing Page Detection

SafeToOpen operates similarly to how your brain recognizes a familiar website. For example, when presented with the login page of Facebook, you can immediately recognize it as Facebook without examining the URL.

Your brain has the ability to associate the visual aspects of the webpage with your previous familiarity with Facebook's distinctive visual elements, such as its logo and colors. If phishing web pages are created with the same features as websites you are familiar with; your business information could be at threat.

● We intervene in this cycle by stopping you from inputting your sensitive information on phishing web pages. Our online security immediately inspects these pages, collects the visual elements, and sends them to the Profile Matching process installed in your Cloud.

● We utilize mutual TLS (via Cloudflare) to force the SafeToOpen browser extension to send the visual elements to the SafeToOpen Profile Matching securely and privately.

● Profile Matching process compares the visual elements of the web pages sent by the SafeToOpen Online Security browser extension with the registered Business Profiles. Once a match is found, SafeToOpen can determine if the web page is legitimate or phishing. 

Stop sophisticated cyber attacks before they hit your organization