SafeToOpen's 5 minutes Proof of Value (PoV).

It only takes 5 minutes to set up SafeToOpen and protect your organization at any size.


Step 1:

We assume you have installed SafeToOpen VM in your Cloud environment and also installed one of SafeToOpen's browser extensions on your machine. If you haven't you can install SafeToOpen browser extension from one the following links:
1- For Google Chrome: here
2- For Microsoft Edge: here
3- For Mozilla Firefox: here
Click on the SafeToOpen icon in your browser and click on Register with your organization button.

Step 2:

Enter your corporate email address. The domain name of the email address should be the same as you used to set up the SafeToOpen VM in your Cloud environment. Then click on Request for OTP.

Step 3:

You will receive an email with a 6-character password. Enter the password and click on the Register button. Now if you visit an insecure, suspicious, or a phishing site, you will be shown a ribbon with the related warning message. Also, the URL will be reported to the SafeToOpen portal (VM). You can view the detailed analysis of the suspicious link in the Cards.


Canada: 9251 Young Street, Suite 8262, Richmond Hill, ON L4C 9T3, Canada
New Zealand: PO Box 34411, Birkenhead, Auckland, 0746, New Zealand


USA/Canada: +1 (716) 2266628
United Kingdom:
+44 (020) 8638 0906
Australia: +61 (02) 8003 3555
New Zealand: +64 (09) 418 2222


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