SafeToOpen is like a seatbelt for your browser!

Identify when it is safe to submit your password to a website and when it is not with SafeToOpen Online Security. 


We understand individuals are always the target of phishing and scam attacks. Therefore we provide our best product for you, your family, and your loved ones free of charge. Read why SafeToOpen Online Security for personal use is free.


Benefit from SafeToOpen by installing the extension on your preferred browser; it just takes a few clicks. Click here to download our extension, if your preferred browser is not in the list click here.


Add a solid layer of protection to your devices, saving you being exposed to scams, viruses, and phishing web pages. You can also change the warning messages when SafeToOpen Online Security has detected unsafe web pages.

Protect your browsers from unsafe webpages


What is SafeToOpen Online Security?

SafeToOpen Online security browser extension is like having your own security expert witness detect suspicious web pages and indicators. Yet it effectively saves you the cost of hiring a professional and upgrading your online security systems. You'll receive an instant warning if a web page you visit is risky or safe.

What is a phishing web page?

Commonly called a "spoofed" site, a phishing webpage tries to steal your account password or other confidential information, particularly financial details. It tricks you into believing you're visiting a legitimate website.

Phishing websites often ask for your:
• Credit card information
• Internet banking details
• Personal information and documents, including driver's license and passport
• Usernames or passwords for your online accounts, including social media accounts

Be careful!
Phishing emails can look and feel legitimate. They use the same design and logos as the company or organization they're pretending to be and the same kind of language.

Most phishing web pages impersonate:
• Banks
• Social media sites
• Government agencies
• Online game sites 


Free for personal use

While we don't charge our users to use SafeToOpen Online Security browser extension for their personal use, we still generate revenue by detecting unsafe web pages targeting our customers' brands and reporting them to the targeted businesses.

For more clarification, let's review the following example:
Let's assume there is a bank called ABC in your country. Cybercriminals do not send phishing links impersonating the login page of the bank ABC to the bank staff members because the security team in bank ABC will quickly take the malicious website down. Instead, the cybercriminals would send their emails containing phishing links to the customer of the bank ABC (i.e., citizens of your country) to steal their money.

SafeToOpen Online Security detects these unsafe links, prevents you from entering your information in the unsafe web pages, reports the detected link to bank ABC and charges them for the detection of the phishing web page. 

Designed with privacy in mind

SafeToOpen Online Security is built to ensure you have concrete protection and privacy online. Our browser extension analyzes web pages that only request your sensitive information, such as passwords, social security numbers, and bank account details in links and HTML attachments. SafeToOpen doesn't analyze the most commonly used websites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google, Gmail, and YouTube.

With us, we don't track your browser activity unless a suspicious web page is detected. Upon detecting a suspicious web page, SafeToOpen Online Security collects and sends the following information for further analysis and protection of others. It collects: 

● Your public IP address
● Web browser name and version
● Your operating system name
● The suspicious URL (used for in-depth analysis)

To detect and protect from new malicious web pages, SafeToOpen Online Security asks your permission to send the visible visual elements of the suspicious page to our servers. SafeToOpen never sends sensitive information from your web browsing activities to our servers. 

Please read our privacy page for more information.

SafeToOpen Online Security on your desktop browsers

Installation / Settings

Click on the SafeToOpen Online Security extension for your preferred browser and click on Add to Chrome or Get. You may need to approve the required permission. 

It is always a good practice to allow the extension to run in Private Browsing (or incognito) mode.

Click here to see how you can configure the SafeToOpen Online Security browser extension.

Chrome SafeToOpen

Browse the Internet

Surf the web, open social media and email links with ease. If you visit a webpage that’s not “safe to open,” you’ll receive an instant notification from the SafeToOpen Online Security extension.

Phishing Attempt


Have the websites you browse examined for safety. If we detect a malicious web page, we’ll notify you in real-time with a warning message. If you believe a particular warning message is shown by mistake, please report it to us using the "Was it a mistake" button. 

SafeToOpen Warning

Report a suspicious web page

On a rare occasion when the SafeToOpen Online Security extension does not detect a phishing web page, you can manually report it to us to protect others.

How To Report Phishing

SafeToOpen Online Security for other desktop browsers

- Download Opera’s Install Chrome Extensions addon
- Go to the Google Chrome Web Store and search for SafeToOpen
- Click on the Add to Opera button
- Click on the Install button in the Extensions Manager (cube icon in your Opera sidebar)
- Voila! Enjoy SafeToOpen Online Security extension for Chrome in Opera

- Browse the Chrome Web store and search for SafeToOpen Online Security
- Once found, click on Add to Chrome button on the top-right of the page
- A notification will appear in the middle of your screen, detailing what data and permissions you are granting the extension access to by installing it
- Click on Accept

- Browse to the Chrome Web Store
- Search for SafeToOpen Online Security extension
- Click on Add to Chrome to install the extension in Vivaldi

SafeToOpen App for iOS Devices

SafeToOpen for iOS

SafeToOpen App for iPhone and iPad

SafeToOpen Online Security is the only app in AppStore that protects you from phishing web pages and all other known malicious sites in real time.


Stop cybercriminals accessing your phone in seconds with the SafeToOpen Security app. Receive phishing warnings against a common phishing method, delivering website links to you via SMS.

Emails & Social Media

Phishing links may be embedded in emails or social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn. SafeToOpen is the only app that can protect you against phishing web pages from any source.

Stop sophisticated cyber attacks before they hit your organization