SafeToOpen Platform is ready to be added to your cybersecurity service offerings to protect all your clients against phishing websites at once.

All customers in one dashboard

Your SOC team can quickly and easily manage and monitor phishing events from multiple clients using a single SafeToOpen portal.


Fully customizable

You can configure the SafeToOpen Online Security browser extension to show different warning messages, colours, logos for each customer.


Improve efficiency

SafeToOpen reduces detection and response times from hours to seconds. Improve your phishing incident response process from being reactive to proactive.


SafeToOpen for businesses

Phishing is one of the most time-consuming challenges that security professionals face today. Current security tools and controls can only protect against known (or previously reported) phishing websites, which leaves a massive security risk for brand-new phishing websites.

SafeToOpen as an additional security layer around your current tools and controls fills in the gap of zero-day protection by detecting zero-day phishing websites in real-time and reporting them to your security team for incredibly faster protection.

SafeToOpen platform for Businesses:

  • Protects businesses' staff, data, brand and their customers from never-before-seen phishing websites;
  • Provides worldwide protection against newly detected phishing websites;
  • Can be integrated with current security tools (such as secure email gateway, web proxy, SIEM) for the best protection experience.

SafeToOpen is a new way of enterprise phishing protection that bridges the gaps between humans, tools, and process in a way that maximizes each in a unified program.

Benefits of SafeToOpen

Zero-day Detection

SafeToOpen Online Security detects never-before-seen phishing websites.

Fast Protection

It only takes less than a second for the SafeToOpen browser extension to detect a zero-day phishing website.

Realtime Reporting

SafeToOpen reports detected phishing sites to your Security Operation Center in real-time. 

Trusted Brand

SafeToOpen is listed in VirusTotal as a security vendor.

Why SafeToOpen?

- Current security tools such as secure email gateways, antivirus, built-in security features in web browsers, and secure web proxy servers can not protect zero-day phishing websites.
- Secure Email Gateways can only protect known phishing websites coming from corporate accounts. They cannot protect against phishing attacks on personal accounts and social media.
- Phishing detection and response process is reactive in many organizations. 
- SafeToOpen bridges these gaps by:

  • Detecting zero-day phishing websites in browsers 
  • Proactively protecting users by redirecting them to a safe
  • Reporting newly detected phishing websites to your Security Operation Center
  • Blocking newly detected phishing websites on more than 4 billion devices around the globe in less than an hour

Quickly find the actual compromised accounts

One of the biggest challenges in almost all organizations is to identify actual compromised accounts. Current tools can only report on users that visited the phishing sites, but they cannot track who has typed and/or submitted their credentials in phishing websites. With SafeToOpen Online Security browser extension: 

  • You can figure out who and when typed and/or submitted their credentials in phishing websites;
  • Redirect users to a safe site and record their activities once they start entering their credentials in phishing and suspicious websites.
  • Use recorded activities to recognise users who may need security awareness training.

You can find out who and in what organization have visited phishing websites and entered their credentials, so you can focus on protecting the compromised accounts.


Manage and protect multiple customers from phishing websites simultaneously

Traditionally, an MSSP had to access several dashboards to protect multiple customers. Also, they had to share new threat feeds multiple times across all their customers. This process takes time and involves have human error. SafeToOpen enables you to protect and manage multiple customers from a single Cloud instance.

Detect once, protect many

Once you've detected a new phishing site and blocked it, you automatically protect all of your clients at once.

Fully Customizable Ribbon

You can customize the SafeToOpen ribbon (change the ribbon colour, warning messages, button actions, logo, etc.) for each of your clients under your brand or theirs.

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