SafeToOpen for Managed Service Providers

Ever wondered the best phishing protection solution to add to your managed service offerings?

All customers in one dashboard

You can quickly and easily manage and monitor phishing events from multiple customers using a single SafeToOpen Cloud instance.

Protect multiple customers at once

You can protect all your customers from the phishing site simultaneously.

Improve efficiency

SafeToOpen enables you to reduce the time of detection and analysis for all customers under your managed service.

Quickly find compromised accounts

One of the biggest challenges in any organization is to find out who has submitted their credentials in phishing sites. Current tools can only tell you who has visited the phishing site but they can't tell you who has submitted their account information. We have taken one step further to solve this problem:

  • Who/when typed their credentials on a phishing site;
  • Once users start typing their account information we redirect them to a safe site;
  • You can find out who submitted or typed their credentials in a website that has confirmed as phishing later.

SafeToOpen dashboard informs you who in what organization has visited a phishing page and entered or submitted their credentials. So you can only protect those accounts.


Manage and protect multiple customers from phishing attacks at once.

Traditionally, an MSP had to access several dashboards to protect multiple customers. Also, they had to share new threat feeds multiple times across all their customers. This process takes time and involves have human error. SafeToOpen enables you to protect and manage multiple customers from a single Cloud instance.

Detect once, protect many

Once you detect a new phishing site and blacklist the domain, it will protect all of your customers' browser extensions and Outlook add-in.

Fully Customizable Ribbon

You can customize SafeToOpen ribbon (change the ribbon color, warning messages, button actions, logo, etc) for each of your clients under your brand or theirs.

Try SafeToOpen Portal now.

SafeToOpen portal is available in Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure for 30-day free trial. You can add as many domains as you want! Our following step-by-step articles demonstrate how you can set up the SafeToOpen portal.

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