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The World's First Never-before-seen Phishing Protection App

SafeToOpen detects never-before-seen or zero-day phishing sites on your iPhone or iPad in less than a second and informs you not to enter your credentials in those websites.

SafeToOpen Phishing Detection & Protection App for iOS Devices

Protect yourself from phishing

SafeToOpen for iPhone and iPad

SafeToOpen is the only app in AppStore that detects the latest phishing sites in real-time on your Apple devices. Other apps can only protect you from known (not unknown) phishing websites.


It's becoming common for cybercriminals to deliver their phishing websites to you via text messages. SafeToOpen app warns you if any of those links in text messages were phishing.

Emails & Social Media

Phishing links could be embedded in emails or social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. SafeToOpen is the only app that can protect you against phishing websites from any source.

SafeToOpen HOWTOs

smishing protection

Go to AppStore App on your iPhone or iPad, Search for SafeToOpen and tap on Get.

After installing the SafeToOpen App, you will need to enable it and allow access to all websites. After you've done the steps shown in the video, you can tap on the "Verify Settings" button to ensure your device is fully protected.

SafeToOpen app is an extension for the Safari web browser. For this reason, Safari should be set as the default browser on your iPhone or iPad. This short video demonstrates how to set Safari as the default browser.

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