SafeToOpen for Managed Cybersecurity Service Providers

Have the edge over other CyberSecurity Service Providers with SafeToOpen

Save the reactive, cumbersome, and time consuming headache of protecting multiple clients at once against unsafe web pages. With SafeToOpen you never need to worry about clients' websites being compromised or being too late for action upon receiving an unsafe website warning.

Our proactive approach to phishing detection and protection propels the efficiency of your security services. Once SafeToOpen detects visits to unsafe web pages, it emails them to your team instantly, allowing you to take action in one click. 


Protect multiple clients from suspicious, unsafe and phishing web pages.

One dashboard for all

Quickly manage and monitor multiple client's visits to unsafe web pages with a single SafeToOpen portal.

Proactive protection

Diminish detection and response times from hours, days, to seconds with SafeToOpen.

Complete customization 

Configure SafeToOpen according to your preferences. Choose to show different warning messages and logos for each customer.


Comprehensive protection

Make phishing detection and response for your team incredibly fast and easy. Once a phishing web page has been detected; we’ll send an email to your MSSP's security team, along with all information needed to respond to the incident.

SafeToOpen enables managed cybersecurity providers to:
• To save noticeable time in detection and response to phishing incidents
• Protect all clients from never-before-seen or zero-day phishing web pages
• Block detected phishing URLs globally in less than an hour (faster than domain takedown) 

SafeToOpen for
Managed Cybersecurity Providers


Current security tools such as secure email gateways, antivirus, built-in security features in web browsers, and secure web proxy servers can not protect against zero-day phishing web pages.

Secure Email Gateways can only protect known phishing links coming from corporate accounts. They cannot protect against never-before-seen phishing links on personal accounts, social media, and text messages.

SafeToOpen changes the traditional reactive phishing detection and response process to proactive. 

Benefits of SafeToOpen for MSSPs

  • Detect zero-day phishing web pages in browsers
  • Prevent victims from entering sensitive information in phishing web pages
  • Report newly detected phishing links to the security team
  • Block detected phishing links on more than 4 billion devices around the globe in less than an hour

Locate compromised accounts


SafeToOpen provides a solution to one of the biggest phishing-related challenges faced by organizations - compromised accounts.
Unlike traditional cybersecurity tools that only report when users visit unsafe links, SafeToOpen can track when users enter their credentials into these malicious websites. With SafeToOpen, organizations can:

  • Determine who and when entered their credentials into phishing websites
  • Automatically redirect users to a safe site and record their actions when they attempt to enter credentials into phishing or suspicious websites
  • Use the recorded information to identify users who may need additional security awareness training

Stop sophisticated cyber attacks before they hit your organization