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SafeToOpen Online Security icon in your browser informs you about the status of every website you visit. However, like any other browser extension you install, you will need to 'Pin' the extension to your browser.

  • Click on the extension icon on the top-right corner of your browser
  • Click on the 'pin' icon
  • You should see the SafeToOpen Online Security icon appears in your browser.


To make adjustments to SafeToOpen Online Security, Click on the SafeToOpen icon in your browser and click on the gear (settings) icon. Using this option you can:

  • Enable/disable SafeToOpen alerts
  • Enable/disable validations for malicious and suspicious sites
  • Choose the locations of alerts
  • Change pre-defined alert messages
  • Look at the last 14-days statistics
  • See unsafe websites you have visited
  • See sites you reported as mistakes
  • Reset the extension 
  • and many more...


SafeToOpen Online Security keeps track of:
- the number of links it has validated
- the number of unsafe links it has detected
- websites you have trusted as safe
- websites you have reported as a mistake
- harmful files that you have downloaded
- and your visits to dangerous websites.

It also shows you your visits to unsafe sites for the past 14 days.



You can choose how SafeToOpen Online Security validates the website you visit and how to inform you once it has detected a malicious or suspicious site. If you are unsure about the settings, you can easily click on the Recommended Settings button. Please make sure the following items are set:

  • Show alerts for malicious and suspicious sites
  • Protect me against malicious (infected with viruses, malware)sites
  • Protect me against suspicious (scam and phishing) sites
  • Validate files before downloading
  • Notify me once I've clicked on an unsafe link


If your company has subscribed to SafeToOpen services, you can protect your home browsers by registering SafeToOpen Online Security with your work email.

  • Enter your work email
  • We will email you a One-time-password (OTP)
  • Enter the OTP in the next step and click on register.

Please note that once your browser is registered with your work email, all suspicious or malicious sites will be reported to your security team.


Trusted Domains.

You can add the websites you trust to the Trusted Domains list so that SafeToOpen Online Security will not inspect them. It's best to add the domain name of your banking websites, social media platforms, news that you trust and frequently visit.


Another way to add the websites you trust to the Trusted Domains list is to click on the SafeToOpen Online Security icon and click on the Trust this site button.


Reported Mistake.

If you believe a website that SafeToOpen has detected as malicious or suspicious was safe, you can report it to us to investigate and fix. Please note that the full URL of the websites that you report to us will not be inspected by SafeToOpen in the future. So, please ensure the websites you report to us as a mistake is truly safe.


Unsafe Downloads.

SafeToOpen Online Security for Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Brave and Opera is able to validating files before downloading. It will warn you if you're tryign to download a known malicious file.


SafeToOpen Online Security also records the malicious files that you have downloaded.


Unsafe Visits.

SafeToOpen Online Security records any suspicious or malicious sites you visit, along with the date and time. 



You can reset SafeToOpen Online Securiry browser extension and clear the websites you have trusted or reported to us in the reset section.



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We are always eager to make our services better and aligned with your needs. Please let us know how we can improve our services.


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