SafeToOpen for Government Agencies

Protects your staff and the citizens of your state/country against phishing websites with 100% privacy.

Protect Yourself Against Phishing Attacks

For absolute privacy of your data, we bring all SafeToOpen services to your organization
in one box (VM)

Included Services

Phishing Detection

The fastest and most efficient way to fight the phishing battles


The most effective and fastest worldwide protection against newly detected phishing sites

Email Verification

Verify reported suspicious emails reported by your organization or citizens of your country in a few moments.

Brand Protection

SafeToOpen can quickly detect if cybercriminals have impersonated your organization brand to steal your citizen's sensitive information.

Threat feeds

With SafeToOpen for the government, you get access to SafeToOpen's unique threat intelligence feeds targeting businesses in your country.

Phishing scan

Unlimited scans for phishing websites similar to the SafeToOpen Scan page. You can make it freely available for your staff and citizens.

URL takedown

SafeToOpen Protection is an essentialpart of the package for government organizations to block phishing websites globally.

Phishing Report

SafeToOpen dashboard provides you with the phishing posture in your organization, state, or country with detailed information.

Dedicated SafeToOpen Online Security Browser Extension

With the SafeToOpen Platform for government, you can enforce the SafeToOpen Online Security Browser extension to send websites' information to your SafeToOpen instance for verification.

  • Available on all dekstop browsers, and most mobile browsers (Safari for iOS, Firefox, Yandex, Brave for Android)
  • Fully customizable ribbon, logo, and warning messages
  • Redirect users to a safe website once they started typing their credentials into phishing websites
  • No traffic will be exchanged with SafeToOpen central for 100% privacy of your data
  • Protect your citizens against phishing websites targeting your local brands as well as international brands

* We can provide you with an even more customized version of the SafeToOpen Online Security browser extension with your legal name and logo and make it available only in Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge marketplaces within your geographical area. Contact us for more information.

phishing attack example

SafeToOpen Email Verification

SafeToOpen Email Verification is the most accurate and fastest way to verify a big pile of reported suspicious emails and automatically respond to the senders with the appropriate action.

  • Save time and reduce human error in verifying reported suspicious emails 
  • Automatic reply to the reporter with the best action
  • Report malicious emails to your security experts
  • Fully customizable email response and detailed report
  • Generate reports based on targeted brands and industries 
  • and many more

* Please contact us for more information.

** If you wish to test SafeToOpen Email Verification, please forward your suspicious emails to and wait for a couple of minutes to get a response.

phishing email example

What is SafeToOpen in-a-box?

SafeToOpen in-a-box is a virtual machine disk (VMDK) or Virtual Hard Disk (VHD) with all SafeToOpen services to protect your organization against the latest phishing websites.

SafeToOpen is also available on a pre-configured hardware appliance. Please contact us for more information.

SafeToOpen in-a-box will need to be managed by your organization. SafeToOpen offers multiple support levels to make sure your services are running smoothly.

Phishing Attack Prevention

Start today! Discover a new approach to winning never-before-seen phishing battles.

SafeToOpen will make a massive difference in the way your organization fights phishing battles.


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