What makes businesses lose phishing battles?

Despite using the latest technologies, your business may still fall into ever-growing and sophisticated
phishing attacks.

Only corporate emails

Email security tools -at their very best- can only protect phishing emails delivered via corporate emails. These tools do not protect phishing emails delivered from personal emails.

Slow detection and response

Detecting zero-day attacks and responding to them may take a few days that make cyber-criminals win.


Ineffectiveness of reputational-based products

New attacks that are both targeted and sophisticated, including spear phishing, are unknown threats that evade detection from traditional filters.

Only businesses, not customers

Cyber-criminals often send their phishing emails to enterprises' clients. Therefore none of the security tools and awareness programs can be effective. 

Do I need to use SafeToOpen Enterprise?

If your answer to any of the below questions is yes, you need to use the SafeToOpen Enterprise Phishing Protection solution.

  • Has your brand ever been a target for phishing attacks? Cybercriminals quite ofter clone enterprises' websites and encourage their clients to enter their credentials to their fake page. 
  • Despite having the right security tools, is your organization still experiencing successful phishing attacks?  The protection of almost all security tools in the market is based on reputation. They are not aware of zero-day or never-before-seen phishing scams.
  • Do you think phishing detection and protection in your organization is like a wack a mole game? It is very common for enterprises to dedicate a large number of analysts to detect and respond to phishing attacks. Yet the detection and response are still slow and ineffective.

How SafeToOpen helps your enterprise win phishing battles?

SafeToOpen broswer extension looks for suspicious content in thousands of websites in your organization and alerts users once it has detected phishing websites. The extension reports suspicious URLs to the SafeToOpen instance installed in your Cloud environment and alerts your security team. Your cyber security analysts can quickly investigate the reported URLs and take appropriate action. 

  • We use organization's information such as type of industry, logo and domain names to accurately detect phishing sites impersonating their business; 
  • Proactive detection and protection;
  • Protect enterprise's customers that visited phishing sites impersonating their business;
  • Consuming verified and accurate threat feeds within the same geographical area and the related industry;
  • Performing frequent vulnerability scans against web servers to find and fix the latest security flaws.

"The best way to win phishing battles is to reduce detection and response times."

-Maziar Janbeglou (Founder)

Try SafeToOpen in a few steps in less than 5 minutes...

It takes less than 5 minutes to try all features of SafeToOpen. If you have access to Microsoft Azure or Amazon AWS, you can quickly spin up our VM and explore SafeToOpen*.

* SafeToOpen portal is an IaaS solution that is offered only in Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS cloud.


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