Brand & Customer Protection

SafeToOpen Brand & Customer Protection is an agentless, hassle-free tool that's easy to deploy and detects previously unseen phishing web pages that impersonate organizations' brands, protecting their customers in the process.

This product is ideal for corporations, such as financial institutions, government tax departments, airlines, energy and telecommunications companies, and IT service providers, whose customers are often targeted by phishing attacks.

SafeToOpen Brand & Customer Protection

Phishing links impersonating organizations' login pages are sent to their external customers

SafeToOpen Brand and Customer Protection
Why SafeToOpen Brand & Customer Protection?

Cybercriminals are constantly creating phishing web pages and sending links to these pages via emails to organizations' external customers or citizens. Their primary goal is to steal money or sensitive information. This means that the security tools used by organizations cannot effectively protect citizens or their customers.

Additionally, organizations often rely on their customers to report phishing links targeting their brands to an email address, such as [email protected].

However, there are several problems with this approach:

1- Not all customers are aware of phishing links
2- Only a small portion of customers may report phishing emails
3- Verifying a large number of reported emails and identifying phishing links takes a lot of time for organizations' security teams

SafeToOpen Brand and Customer Protection fills these gaps by:
- Accelerating the detection of previously unseen phishing web pages
- Eliminating the reliance on human reporting for phishing links

Frequently Asked Questions:

- HTTP Referrer logs collected by the web servers
- Log collector (or SIEM)

SafeToOpen Brand & Customer Protection does not connect to your web servers to collect the referrer logs.

Option 1: You can configure your SIEM or Log collector to email the referrer logs to us using a provided address. Detected phishing web pages will be emailed to your security team immediately.

Option 2: You can install SafeToOpen Portal within your Cloud service provider, set up an email account to forward the referrer logs, and configure SafeToOpen Brand and Customer Protection to analyze the logs.

Option 3: Install SafeToOpen Portal and configure SafeToOpen Brand and Customer Protection to get the referrer logs from your Cloud-based (such as Sumo Logic) log collector using REST-API.

Option 4: Add a simple Javascript to corporate websites (similar to Google Analytics). The script obtains the referrer URLs and sends them to SafeToOpen Phishing Detection. 

Emailing your web server's referrer logs from your SIEM or log collector to us is the easiest and fastest way to detect phishing targeting your business. Analyzed http referrer logs are not stored and will be removed from our servers immediately.

Stop sophisticated cyber attacks before they hit your organization