SafeToOpen Online Security

Our best weapon to always win phishing battles.

What is SafeToOpen Online Security?

The SafeToOpen Online Security is like having acybersecurity expert sitting next to you looking for indicators of a suspicious web page. SafeToOpen tells you if a web page is risky and reassures you if it is safe.


Fast and Accurate

Phishing is a never-ending battle. Malicious websites are carefully designed and refined to trick unsuspecting users into giving up their credentials. 
SafeToOpen browser extension notifies you when visiting phishing or insecure websites.


Privacy in Mind

SafeToOpen has been designed with privacy in mind. The browser extension only analyses web pages that ask uses for sensitive information, like passwords, and does ignore well-known legitimate websites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Use SafeToOpen Online Security

Install and use our extension for your preferred web browser.

Google Chrome

Microsoft New Edge

Mozilla Firefox

SafeToOpen Online Security HowTos

Report a Phishing site to us

The easiest way to report a phishing site to us is to click on the SafeToOpen extension icon and then click on the "Report This Site" button.
Another less reliable way to report a phishing site is to right-click on the page and click on the "Report to SafeToOpen" and then click on the "as a Phishing site" button. However, some websites disable the right-click functionality, and you cannot use this method to report a phishing site to us.

Reset Extension

When you click on the "Ignore" button on the SafeToOpen warning ribbon, the extension adds the domain name to your browser local storage memory so that next time you visit the same page, it will not show you the warning ribbon. The Reset Extension button will clear all the ignored websites.

Register with your organization

If your organization has purchased SafeToOpen, you can register SafeToOpen extension with your organizational account to protect all computers you use for work. A One Time Password (OTP) will be sent to your organizational email address to register the extension. You can click on the "Deregister" button to deregister the extension at any time.

Auto-submit Screenshots

In some circumstances, the SafeToOpen browser extension shows you a ribbon and asks you to submit the screenshot of the current page for further analysis. You can turn on the "Auto-Submit Screenshots" and the extension will never ask you for confirmation again.

Contact us for more information about SafeToOpen browser extension.


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