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SafeToOpen B2C plan

Time Does Matter...

"The best way to reduce the cost of phishing scams is to reduce the detection and response time."

-- Dr. Maziar Janbeglou

SafeToOpen Business to Consumer (B2C) Plan

Your business is more likely to be the target of phishing attacks if it requires a login page for online payments. The phishing emails targeting your business will be always sent to your customers. 
SafeToOpen B2C plan makes it much easier for you to protect your brand and customers from targeted phishing attacks with almost no setup cost.


30 days free trial

Phishing Detection

Our online monitoring services use your business profile to find phishing websites targeting your customers from a pile of reported emails from your customers and your webserver logs. Then, it notifies your security team once it has found a phishing URL to take action.


30 days free trial

Phishing takedown

SafeToOpen team can takedown the phishing websites on your behalf. Our well-trained security engineers issue takedown once they have detected websites targeting your business and provide your security team with a monthly phishing report. Please note that we may ask you for your business trademark information.

Your Business Profile

helps us focus on your business to detect newly generated phishing websites


Email security tool and generic threat intelligence feeds are not useful when it comes to targeted phishing attacks. SafeToOpen, on the other hand, focuses on your business profile and our local threat feeds to detect phishing websites.
Once detected SafeToOpen will send alerts to your security incident response. Alternatively, we can issue the website takedown on your behalf.

We need all of the following information to create a profile for your organisation:


We use your company logo to find newly phishing attacks targeting your business from multiple resources of information. 


Common phishing attacks targets a variety of businesses in the same type of industry. We consider your industry to deliver better results.


We use local threat intelligence feeds within the same geographical location as your company to detect localised phishing attacks.


In order to reduce false alarms, we need to know all domain names owned by your organisation.

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