SafeToOpen API

SafeToOpen API

State of the art API integration service to stop cybercriminals and their objectives.


The fastest and easiest way to detect visits to suspicious and malicious web pages.


Deploys current security tools to detect and protect from new phishing web pages.


Automates the phishing incident response process in minutes.

Take your cybersecurity tools to the next with SafeToOpen API

Upgrade your cybersecurity toolkit with SafeToOpen API. Remove the risk of using generic tool kits that only protect you from known unsafe web pages. With SafeToOpen, we stop your business from being exposed to never-before-seen or zero-day phishing web pages. SafeToOpen API is the ultimate add-on to your current security tools that enables them to detect new phishing web pages and protect staff members immediately.

How does SafeToOpen API work?

Our detection engine has been finetuned over 3 years to be swift, accurate, and flawless. We’ve refined this over tens of thousands of API calls from our technology partners that we still receive every day to detect never-before-seen or zero-day phishing web pages. Upon receiving an API call, SafeToOpen API integration software connects to the URL and examines its contents against SafeToOpen Profile.
It matches the same process a real user opens the link on their web browser. If the SafeToOpen Profile Matching process has identified it as a phishing webpage, it returns the phishing brand, targeted industry, and phishing accuracy to the originator of the API call.

SafeToOpen Integration

Integration with the SafeToOpen API

SIEMs and Log Collectors can verify the safety of URLs by utilizing the SafeToOpen API. Upon identifying a new, previously unseen phishing URL, your SIEM can analyze multiple event logs to determine who visited the malicious website, when it was visited, and how it infiltrated the organization.

The SafeToOpen API provides security teams with the ability to quickly locate potential phishing threats within a vast amount of visited links, allowing them to take a proactive approach to responding to phishing incidents.

Frequently Asked Questions:

SafeToOpen API works with RESTful API call. To integrate SafeToOpen API with your security tools, you can send the URLs using http GET requests. 

Yes. You need to filter URLs before you send them to the SafeToOpen API servers using your Log Collector or SIEM. For example you may filters URLs containing:
● Domain names owned by your organization
● Your trusted partners' domain names
● Known domain names such as,,, etc.  

Yes. For an enterprise level-1 account you can send 5760 requests daily. Please contact us if you need to send more than 5760 requests per day.

Quite often, phishing websites block the traffic if it is not originated from certain countries to remain hidden from security vendors for a longer time. SafeToOpen API uses the Internet traffic of your country to avoid being geo-blocked.

Stop sophisticated cyber attacks before they hit your organization