How to protect against new phishing sites?

SafeToOpen Browser Extension

is free!

  1. PROTECTS YOU - When you use SafeToOpen browser extension and visit a phishing site, you will see a banner on top of the page informing you not to enter your credentials or banking information.
  2. EASY TO USE - All you need to do is install the SafeToOpen extension on your favourite browser.
  3. IT IS FREE FOR PERSONAL USE - Our intention is to provide the best service yet free to all our users. Please note that SafeToOpen browser extension is free (and will remain free) for personal use.

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Google Chrome

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Mozilla Firefox

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Microsoft Edge

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SafeToOpen add-in for Outlook

is free until end of July 2020

  1. PROTECTS YOUR MAILBOX - SafeToOpen add-in for Outlook informs you if the email you have received is known as phishing.
  2. IN-DEPTH VERIFICATION - You can manually verify and report suspicious links for further protection. You will be shown the screenshot of the suspicious link, the page title and notified if the suspicoius link is actually a phishing site.
  3. OUTLOOK ANYYWHERE - You can use SafeToOpen add-in for Out look for your Gmail, Yahoo, iCloud, Office365, Microsoft Exchange-based and IMAP/POP3 email accounts on your PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android.

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Microsoft Outlook

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