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SafeToOpen Browser Extension:

  1. PROTECTS YOU - When you use SafeToOpen browser extension and visit a phishing site, you will see a banner on top of the page informing you not to enter your credentials or banking information.
  2. EASY TO USE - All you need to do is install the SafeToOpen extension on your favourite browser.
  3. IT IS FREE FOR PERSONAL USE - Our intention is to provide the best service yet free to all our users. Please note that SafeToOpen browser extension is free (and will remain free) for personal use.

How Does SafeToOpen Browser Extension work?


You will need to install the extension for your favourite desktop Internet browser. We currently support Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Microsoft Edge.

Internet Browsing

When you are browsing an Internet page that requires you to enter your sensitive information, SafeToOpen browser extension quickly analyzes whether the website is trustworthy or not.


If you browse a phishing or an insecure website, you will be prompted a warning message.

Report Mistake

SafeToOpen browser extension does not stop you from browsing any websites. It only notifies you if something is not right. However, if you truly believe the website you have visited is safe and you still get a warning message, please click on the mistake button.

Report a Phishing Site

If you believe the website you have visited is malicious (i.e. phishing) but not detected by SafeToOpen, please right click on the page and report it to SafeToOpen.

Start using SafeToOpen
Browser Extension...

Google Chrome

Click here to download SafeToOpen browser extension for your Google Chrome desktop browser

Mozilla Firefox

Click here to download SafeToOpen browser extension for your Firefox desktop browser

Microsoft Edge

Click here to download SafeToOpen browser extension for your Microsoft Edge desktop browser

Contact us if you wish to deploy SafeToOpen browser extension for your business.