Verify Your Corporate and Personal Suspicious Emails with
SafeToOpen Outlook Add-in.

If you are unsure an email you've received is safe to open, why not verify it with SafeToOpen Email Verification?


Outlook Ready

SafeToOpen Outlook Add-in helps you identify phishing links in your emails.

Supports All Devices

You can protect yourself against new phishing sites as long as you use Microsoft Outlook email client on any of your devices.

It Is Quick

It takes a couple of seconds for the add-in to verify all links in your email against known phishing sites.

Manual Verification

You can click on the 'eye' icon to manually verify a suspicious link to see its screenshot (generated in a sandbox on our servers) and get the result of in-depth analysis.

BYO Mailbox

While your email security tools can only protect your business domains, SafeToOpen Outlook add-in protects your staff against suspicious emails from their work and personal mailboxes.


SafeToOpen dashboard enables your security team to observe suspicious email activities in your organization and take action on them.

Gmail Ready

Not only you can use SafeToOpen add-in to protect your Gmail accounts, but you can also use it for Yahoo, iCloud, Exchange, Office365, and any IMAP/POP3 based emails.

Respects Your Privacy

When you verify an email, the add-in only sends the hash (not the plain-text) of the FQDNs (not full URLs) in the email to our servers for verification.

Full Integration

SafeToOpen products can be integrated with your security monitoring solutions i.e., SIEM for finding patient-zero and quicker response.

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