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Verify Your Corporate and Personal Suspicious Emails.

If you are unsure an email you've received is safe to open, why not verify it with SafeToOpen Email Verification?

SafeToOpen Email Verification Benefits


SafeToOpen Email Verification is a cloud-based application and setting it up takes about a few minutes. 


SafeToOpen Email Verification - like an information security expert - checks all the details of reported emails to make sure there is no suspicious content.

It replies

It takes a couple of minutes for SafeToOpen to verify your suspicious emails and responses to you.


SafeToOpen quickly detects and alerts when it detects a malicious email sender impersonating one of the executives in your organization.

BYO mailbox

While your email security tools can only protect your business domains, SafeToOpen Email Verification protects your staff against suspicious emails from their work and personal mailboxes.


SafeToOpen dashboard enables your security team to observe suspicious email activities and take action on them.

Happy customers

When a new phishing attack impersonating your business is sent to your customers, they may report it to your phishing email address. You can forward those emails to SafeToOpen Email Verification for faster analysis.


SafeToOpen Email Verification uses our unique local threat feeds to protect local and international businesses. SafeToOpen uses a local Internet connection to bypass any geo-blocking.

Full integration

SafeToOpen Email Verification communicates with our browser extension to protect your business and customers. Also, it can be integrated with your security monitoring solutions i.e., SIEM.

Question: Should I replace my current secure mail gateway and web proxy products with SafeToOpen Email Verification?

Answer: No. SafeToOpen Email Verification is neither an email gateway nor a web proxy solution. It is another security layer around your current security tools that proactively detects and alerts new phishing sites.


When a user receives a suspicious email in their work or personal inboxes, they can verify it with the SafeToOpen Email Verification App. The user will need to forward the suspicious email to or SafeToOpen replies to the user with a recommendation and a detailed report. This process may take about a couple of minutes.

How to use SafeToOpen?

Free 30 days trial is available

Create a business profile

We will require some information about your business. For example, we need to know the location or your business, type of industry, your logo and all the domain names owned by your organization.

Quick Set Up

You need to create an account here and set it up with a mailbox  (e.g. account. SafeToOpen cloud connects to this mailbox to verify reported suspicious emails. 

Outlook Add in (optional)

If your business uses Microsoft Outlook, you can push SafeToOpen Outlook Add in to all computers. This enables users to verify their suspicious emails with a click of the mouse. Otherwise, users will need to forward their suspicious emails to

SIEM Integration (optional)

Integrating SafeToOpen Email Verification with your Security information and event management (SIEM) enables your security team to identify patient-zero and find out how the malicious emails got delivered to your environment.

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