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SafeToOpen Browser Extension

... like having a security expert
always by your side...

SafeToOpen browser extension is our best and most cost-effective phishing detection product ever!

Download SafeToOpen browser extension

Google Chrome

Click here to download SafeToOpen browser extension for your Google Chrome desktop.

Mozilla Firefox

Click here to download SafeToOpen browser extension for your Firefox desktop.

Microsoft Edge

Click here to download SafeToOpen browser extension for your Microsoft Edge desktop.

The last layer of defence against new phishing sites ...

Phishing attacks is one of the most concerning problems and sophisticated attacks in every organization. Phishing URLs are delivered via multiple methods including corporate and personal emails, social media and text messages.

Email security products (including Office 365 ATP Safe Links, Proofpoint TAP, and Cisco Web Security) at their very best can only protect phishing URLs delivered via corporate emails. These tools have no visibility over phishing sites delivered via personal emails and social media.
SafeToOpen browser extension detects new phishing sites from any sources, notify the user, and reports them to your security team to act.

Advantages of using SafeToOpen Browser Extension

• Protects your business against new phishing sites in real-time
• Reduces time and OpEx costs by automation
• Automated and proactive approach for detecting phishing sites
• Real-time zero-day phishing sites detection and alerting
• Quick deployment and easy management
• Integration with Security Information and Event Management (SIEM):
    - Finding patient-zero
    - Reporting & alerting
    - Automation
• Fully respect the privacy of the users
• Protective and educational
• Reduces the dependency on users to report suspicious sites
and many more...

How SafeToOpen Browser Extension works?


Phishing Site Created

A cyber-criminal creates a new phishing website and delivers the URL to their targeted victims.


First Visit 

The first victim using SafeToOpen browser extension clicks on the phishing link. 


Detection and Alerting

SafeToOpen browser extension detects the phishing website with no reputation and notifies the user not to enter their credentials. It also reports the malicious URL to us to protect others.

Mutual benefits for businesses and individuals


SafeToOpen browser extension is available for everyone for free to protect themselves against phishing sites. Quite often, cyber-criminals target individuals (E.g., phishing sites targeting financial institutions) and deliver their malicious links to them.
SafeToOpen browser extension not only protects individuals from these phishing sites, it also reports the malicious URLs to relevant business to take action.

SafeToOpen protects your staff, customers, and anyone using any of our browser extensions.
Once your security team has detected a new phishing website, they can blacklist it through SafeToOpen dashboard. After the malicious link is blacklisted, our browser extension will notify anyone who visits the same malicious link.
Quick detection and response to new phishing sites save your business money and protects your reputation.

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Easy to install and use...

You can install our browser extension via Active Directory GPO or SCCM (or JAMF) push to all your manage computers.

SafeToOpen browser extension is available for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge.

SafeToOpen browser extension quickly analyzes the content of the website you have visited to make sure there is no indication of phishing attacks. It never blocks or interrupts your Internet browsing experience.

Why SafeToOpen Browser Extension for business?

30 days free trial is available


Never miss detecting new phishing sites

SafeToOpen browser extension inspects the content of the websites you visit and notifies you once it detects a suspicious item! It then notifies SafeToOpen scanning engine once a suspicious item has been detected for further analysis.


Be like a pro... Be proactive

As soon as SafeToOpen scanning engine detects phishing websites, it quickly blacklists the URL and reports it to your security team so that you can investigate who has clicked on the malicious link or given away their credentials. SafeToOpen also sends your security team a monthly report of detected new phishing websites.


Strengthen your relationship with your customers

Anyone using our browser extension is protected from new phishing websites. Imagine your security team has found a new phishing website. They can simply report it to SafeToOpen and in real-time, all users will be notified if they visit the same phishing site.


We respect your privacy as ours

Most of the analysis is done on your browser and only the Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) of the suspicious websites is sent to our servers for in-depth analysis and blacklisting and reporting purposes. 

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